let me start by saying that the Caption was stolen by one of my fav bloggers Irony of Ashi and even if the style does not correspond I just really felt the caption captured my today's style and by the way I am in the colors of my country. this is part of my patriotism o


  1. Love the outfit..where do you get your clothes from...a store here in nigeria and i really love the shoes too..please where are they from?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. sorry dear did not know I had the reply removed. I get my clothes from tru worth at Wuse 2 and I also get my shoes there. during sales most of this items are gotten at less prices

  2. Hello please i didn't get a chance to read your comment before you took it out...thanks. I'm the same person above that asked u the question. Just findn dificult to post this comment with my name that why I'm posting as anonnymous


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