5 July 2013

Being Fashion and Style Positive in the 21st Century

Fashion in our present society cannot be overemphasised it has been created, regenerated and adopted by every passing generation who only tries to put a little glamour to suite their craving unending taste. Basically as a morally upright person there are basic fashion rules that are acceptable to the world which would not sit well on us.

A simple quote would simplify my above explanation “Being well-dressed gives a feeling of inward tranquility which psychoanalysis is powerless to bestow” this simple quote should define or guide the simple fashion attribute of every Individual. There is always this saying that we are addressed the way we dress, it’s simple logic, everything we do from our health body or skin care to our fashion statement should depict everything Jesus died on the cross for, we just be able to be fashion and style positive in our negative society especially since the fashion statement of the 21st century has mostly settled to make individuals think that shredding their outfits, dressing nude and uncovered seems convenient especially to we Christians who have come to adopt this habit not only in our society but also in places of worship.

It should properly be noted that being positive in our fashion or style statement does not reduce the explicable chances of us looking good and presenting ourselves in a stylish positive way that would draw people to seeing the glory of the lord shinning through us and also using that opportunity to open doors for positive communications.

With increasing awareness for fashion creativity, some of us as Christians have the ability to create our own unique style, which also brings me to noting that fashion, should not be seen as a flamboyant way of advertising your clothes and accessories but also a means of art and creativity that brings people to a unique recognition of your style.

In the ever changing world of fashion, few trends are truly able to stand the test of time, it’s time we should be able to advertise who we are and innovate with our style.

Today’s world of glamour has so many things it got to offer to the public but not everything that is good is acceptable to the Christian faith and we all in adopting this have to work with some sense and wisdom, this does not mean you neglect the importance of looking fashionable and in style. It should drive you into thinking of positive ways your fashion statement can affect positively the lives of people around you. Also never try to ignore this “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

When in doubt flip through glossy fashion magazines and you would find simple style tips but at the same time never believe everything they tell you, there is just that slim line in fashion and creating ones style there is just that intellectual hat trick that distinguishes what you wear from the same similar outfit of others . It’s also a saying that some people can make a career by simply looking pretty, because most people are merely attracted to people they love the looks of, which embodies the persons creativity through their style statement.
Finally being a positive style Icon brings a potential opportunity and example that you tend to leave by the wayside. Try to focus on what fashion statements make you happy, comfortable and in an overall aspect beautiful this can have a very huge impact. When in doubt a pair of jeans and shirt would never disappoint or cause you harm.

Adebisi Hassan


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