if you followed my previous post, you will understand why this is coming late... been writing exams and it hasn't been easy.. and right now I am blogging making me feel un-serious about the whole exam situation...
well wanted to blog what I wore today which I had on Instagram today.. by the way my handle is @t2pitchy... its a simple comfortable outfit and details of it would be posted below.

Shirt: Atmosphere
Bandage Skirt from: Truworth Stores Abuja

                                                     QUOTE FOR TODAY:

              In most cases, if you love something and it makes you feel great, ignore the critics

                               wore this earlier this week.. this is fast becoming my favorite shirt
                                                    below is one of the repeated outfits this week and the skirt is from papaya and top from H&M back from Hermes and some randomly picked accessories
 below is the back view of the outfit


  1. Wish you the best in your exams. The print on the second outfit is fab.



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