So where do I start.. this week was my dads birthday, and all I can really say is how could a crazy girl like me get an amazing man like him.. so as if that was not enough, came back home today and my dad gave me my new MacBook pro... well its thanksgiving and topping my list of things to be thankful for has to be my dad... I would not have asked the lord for any better...

even if I gave my dad the world it would not be enough to say how huge a thank you I would love to express...
and here comes my baby..gushing
the weather in the Federal Capital has been on a tumble one minute it feels like its breezy the next you don't even want to step outside to the blazing sun.

paired my somehow Chinese floral top, trousers are from eastex
wishing you all a fab week..plus christmas decorations are springing up everywhere. I must admit that this is my favorite time of the year cheers..

hope you all love the post xoxo... would be expecting your feedback... love you 


  1. dont you just love dads...n cute outfit

  2. You look beautiful as always. Love your hair, where in abuja did you make it?


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