I'm back and to my little details on the bible, and I had to share off some favorite verse from proverbs 10 vs19-20, 22-24, 27-28. Would love your feedback.

Verse 19
The more talk, the less truth; the wise measure thier words.

Vs 20and 22
The speech of a good person is worth waiting for; the blabber of the wicked is worthless.
Gods blessing makes life rich; nothing we do can improve.on God.

Vs 23 and 24
An empty-head thinks mischief is fun, but a mindful person relishes wisdom.
The nightmare of the wicked come true; what the good people desire they get.

Vs 27 nd 28
The fear of God expands your life; a wicked life is a puny life.
The aspirations of good people end in celebration; the ambitions of bad people crash.

Its missions week try and reach out to people who need the gospel and sow a seed in the life of a missionary today.

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Have a lovely week..xoxo thanks for all your comments I read and appreciate every single one of them.