To my Nigerian People this would have more meaning......

So instead of complaining about your situation, see many struggling to be in your position. Even if you cannot thank God to what he delivered to you as provision, why not thank him to what he delivered you from as protection. I mean those testimonies that are far beyond human comprehension, when enemies wanted you in great lamentation God stepped in, in his divine intervention and ended your misery like slave trade abolition.

So remember, so many people are landlord at the cemetery, tenants of the mortuary, many more are candidates of obituary, but we are worshippers in his sanctuary, because his love has been keeping us right from January, doubled with his goodness written in our diary, all these he has done without salary, that is why I call him orugboõjo that is greater than obasanjo. In his hand he holds the master key, that is to say he has better things than Alicia keys, my God that opened the womb of a barren woman, he can do more wonders than Rihanna
He doesn’t use GSM, Twitter or Facebook but millions of people call him, follow him and seek his face daily in his book. He is Jehovah Adoni, my number one that responds in time of trouble faster than 911, ancient of days that uses no google but he sees wider and faster than Google. The ALMIGHTY that can never be compared with DUNCAN MIGHTY, He is the original RUGEDDY BABA, more humorous than ALIBABA, MESSIAH that lifted us higher than TIMAYA. The greatest God with capital G, he has more swagger than TERRY G, the great MASTER over KOKO MASTER, Jehovah the DON over DON JAZZY, the lord God obonge in diversity, so lets bow in loyalty and worship his majesty.