Listening to the new one direction album (Midnight Memories) and well this launches my first pictorial post of the year, just still trying to keep the weekend drill. my outfit today was just a simple Burundi skirt and and egyptian encrypted shirt
jewelry: topshop

I promised I was going to add up my last year post in summary here it is..

back to the one direction Midnight memories.. best album ive heard in a long time and considering, they are still quite young I consider their talent rare

Bag: Atmosphere

I'm barely a fan of Hip Pop, that doesn't exclude some exceptional ones, I only wish we had more good music these days, cos the airwaves are filled with everything but good music..

 xoxo.. you can drop a comment on nice songs you think I should listen to..


  1. I really like the combo! Nice top and skirt! I like your hair too :)

  2. If you listen to rock, paramore by paramore is a good album

  3. U look stunning anyway, glad u r back, waited for ur post patiently. Pls follow me back on bloglovin.

    1. I have their album too... thanks dear I wil


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