thinking of why I chose these headlines, well its simple, had this amazing skirt gifted to me by such a beautiful heart Sandra, such a beautiful color with a tartan pattern over a plaid leather mix

one of the challenging aspects of blogging, is actually getting to put words up and express yourself through your outfit and also sharing some personal ideas you think should be made known, so I am promising to work on building my writing skill to make the blog more interactive

shoes: Diva
Jewellry: topshop
clutch: 90's from mum

I definitely know this is one outfit that i'll have to get overly accustomed to. and I always go through the comments and I appreciate every single one of them..

dont forget to let me know about what you feel about this outfit


  1. Lovely skirt and a nice clutch.good to have you back

  2. Beautiful outfit sweety.. I love love it

  3. Really pretty outfit.. love the shoes and the way you smile !!

  4. Nice outfit, I like the purse.

  5. Your modesty keeps me coming back here.
    You look good dear.

    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog


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