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Grace Alex

I am starting of this article with a quote “We shape our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure joy follows like a shadow that never leaves”.

Update: I had to revisit, this post in 2017, because life has happened and my view on the world and peoples behavior is changed and not too rigid. I felt this post although had good arguments, I wasn't giving victims the chance to understand that they didn't all get to this point in their lives by choice. 

Depression and mental health is a serious issue on the other hand opening up about individual struggles in a world where people seem to have it all figured out and want you to do same is more damning. I do advise that people find ways of making themselves happy and try in every way to distance themselves from elements that stir up that urge to be in a sunken place or take their lives.

As a survivor of depression and suicidal thoughts, I really want to say that freedom from that spirit, is elevating and now more than ever I try daily to consciously walk in the thoughts that I am enough and God has got me. I was able to walk free again by listening to Gods word, watching comedy and slowly achieve in little things with the help of people. 

My blog started out from my depressed phase, and that's more reason why this means a lot to me and I don't see it as just "blogging". Seeking help is important, but I come from a clime where  denial of the existence of behavioral changes like this is the order of the day and the rate of suicide is on an all time high this year in Nigeria: This wave is breaking class and age barriers and snatching the lives of people unexpectedly.  

I believe that  with awareness and being each others keeper we would have reduced possibilities of suicide and depression in an individual. Simple questions like how was your day and meaning it or a smile, or paying someones phone bill, helping out on an assignment, giving them a ride, praying for them, paying tuition, visiting a family gives a lot of hope that we are not alone.

1CORITHIANS 6:19 Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have receives from God? You are not your own. V 20 says you are bought with a price. Therefore honor God with your body.
Just last week a model Charlotte Dawson was found dead due to suicide and its been acclaimed that the social media had a lot to contribute with her long suffering of depression.

The family is a strong chord to seeing that people going through depression aren't cast out, but given legitimate care, guidance and counseling and in other cases rehabilitation.

Social media has come a long way to oppressing people and making them not feel good enough, they allow messages (negative) to get into their head. God created you fearfully and wonderfully and the report of people on social media isn't one that you should believe.

In cases where you feel unable to restrain yourself from believing that the media tantrums thrown at you should be thrown out the window, you shut it down, close your account after all you had survived so long before the invention of such media.

I’ve heard my own share of that feeling, but what kept me grounded was me knowing I had greater things to fulfill and not allowing the devil feel he has won…

The case of Dawson is to say the least one of many trending cases and the teary situations one can deal with when we bring to the bear, the demeaning behavior people put up by sending death threat to someone they obviously know is suffering from depression

Killing oneself is not an escape root to finding peace, in-fact if you are a true believer of the bible you know suicide is a no go area for a Christian. A Christian is supposed to have the lord in charge of their life and if someone decides that they cant handle this life and they are going to end it prematurely, then they are basically “impeaching” the lord and putting themselves in charge of their destiny instead of trusting him to them through till he calls them home.

It’s so easy for youths, especially in developed nations to see suicide as a way of ending their misery, but we are more than conquerors.
 That is why Christ came to fill that void of emptiness and when we take our lives we are simply saying he cant take charge of it to fix whatever problems we have.

My advice to anyone suffering from depression, find a confidant you can talk to, visit a local church where the true word of God is preached, reach for Christ give him your heart and study the bible you will be surprised by how much you can fix in a short while.

Lastly we owe each other a duty to be our brothers keeper, if you are not going to have nothing nice to say to someone do not say anything at all. Did you know the bible said we should all stay clear of profane talks? That the power of life and death are in our tongue? and we would give account for every empty word spoken?

I love each and everyone of you reading this post.  Jesus loves you and I love you too…..


  1. I can relate to this, depression can only be healed by God, and not social media.
    To Grace: I Love you too
    To Everyone who reading this comment: I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON*Hugs and Kisses*
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  2. Nicely said. In this digital media we also have a lot of young people who take what a lot of people they dont know say to heart and that can be dangerous this goes for some adults as well. So you not only have to have super thick sick but also be strong in your believe with God to with stand these sometimes depression inducing negativity. Its a really shame when someone ends their lives over this kind of thing or anything for that matter.



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