15 May 2014


last year had the tartan pattern crave back again, this time no longer on our school uniforms, but our adult fashion forward fashionisters and labels who felt a major comeback of this trend will crave the indulgence of many which now includes me….

you might wonder how I decided to try mine on..after the standing ovation for such feat had gone under the rug, well my answer is simple that is just me…When or if i find myself basking in the realm of other fashion looks as at when popularised..  i take time out to pause and reflect if indeed i am doing the right thing

which brings me to proverbs16:4a God made everything with a place and purpose

 than a patterned tiger

this is an outfit i'll try to make other looks out of and see if any other patterns can go with it and i'll share 

SHIRT/ Marks&Spencer

Skirt: Never came with a label just a tag saying it was size US size 6

Shoes/ Qupid

the giveaway has been up for three days and I hope you all are interested

Jewellery/ Topshop

P.S send questions to my mail on my basic style tips and any other question you need me to clarify



  1. Beautiful sweety...You sure know how to wear a pencil skirt.


  2. I love that skirt, you look gorgeous x

  3. You look drop dead gorgeous in that outfit, mind following


  4. Lovely skirt! Looks great on you!


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