We are all made in China
forget the ads and the packaging
check the tag that we come with
it reads ‘Made in China’

Faux or not, we’ve been designed
can you tell the difference?
daunting, aren’t we?
well, we have been made in china

                                                     You pay for us dearly or cheaply
you cherish our warmth, feel and look
you savor us for we are not eternal
we are loved foreigners from China

Because we do get not to choose
we are made a $ a day by coolies
the sumptuous and hobos own us
we are made in Asia, mostly in China 


  1. All so beautiful sweety...I love it

  2. Very nice post! Your shoes are so pretty. Love the white outfit x

    x TFLA: x

  3. Beautiful outfits, love the white outfit x

  4. I love the shoes in the first 2 looks!!! Very pretty! :)

  5. I get your drift, Alex. Everything these days seem to have the "made in China" tag, but there are specifications and different quality ranges depending on the brand. Btw, You've got great style.

  6. the bangle and necklace in the outfit with the grey skirt #thumbs up :)


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