13 July 2014


. Has anyone ever put a label on you or try to tell you who you need to be? I'm pretty sure we all have.  As a young woman trying to make my mark in this world, you wouldn't imagine the opinions others try to impose on me. "You need to be doing this."

." Like many others, I have my passions that drive me to get out of bed each morning. That is what I choose to follow each day.  But opinions can be a distraction. Good or bad. 

If they are steering you off course from what you need to be doing, cut them off! We are not puppets controlled by what others think. Labels are detrimental to our growth. 

If we get caught up in what others perceive about us, we loose focus of who we really are. Don't be the person who becomes a people pleaser.  You will loose every time. Unsatisfied. Been there, done that. I'm doing me. So do you boo boo! Lol 

. Even Jesus let his mother know that he meant business when she questioned his whereabouts. “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?”  (Luke 2: 49) Yes...  

He did that! Do what you know you have to do for you. Opinions are overrated. Do you really want to conform to what he or she thinks you should be? 

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shoes/ Guess
skirt/no label



  1. True talk girl, I love your skirt.


  2. u look gorgeous dear,...I love ur shoes nd skirt


  3. Cute skirt. N simply styled.

  4. Love the outfit!



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