She wore a little black dress
And wore a little black dress,
Another little black dress,
The other little black dress.

Monday and Tuesday,
A little black dress.
Casual Friday,
A little black dress.

Winter, long sleeves
On her little black dress,
Summer, white jacket –
Same little black dress.

 She was depressed
Under that little black dress.
All her distress
Was in that little black dress.
Spending all her money
On her little black dress --
Her life was a mess
Dressed in a little black dress.

She’s a walking body buried in that little black dress.

Black Dress: Does Not have a label
Sunglasses@Tom Ford
Hat@Randomly bought
Shoes@Material Girl


  1. I love you shoes! And I so need my very own lbd. Still searching for the perfect one..

  2. Nice dress and shoes!
    Nominated you for liebster award, would love to read our replies.


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