SKINNY JEANS BY Barry McKendrick

The skinny jeans, the urchin look Audrey Hepburn gazes through Naif eternal, black and white Moon river echoes through the night
Mirrored eyes and mirrored shades The latest icon takes her place Adrianna, dark in buxom glory Sophia Loren, the Latin fury

Drugs or fashion, the endless sea
A living wardrobe, a time machine
Select from history, become a star
It doesn't matter who you are

Dip in the ocean to find your look Consult the library, find the book Fashion the generational touch A feathered boa is never too much - 

Every hairstyle that passes comes upon
The lizard king, the crown of curls
McCulloch poses in backlit splendour
While Elvis whispers Love Me Tender

There is no start and end to fashion What once was law is now opinion No one can tell you who you are Cos from now on baby, you're the star

Shoe@Material Girl


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