The dark stark nothingness
Of the real
Into which fleeting moments
Like a shooting star
Pulsate and disappear
For ever,
Leave behind
Longing and regret
Of gnawing ulcerous pain
Icicled precipitate of
Your decision
To drift away.

There is but
A silver lining to
Our separation,
Like in a cycle
Of dying hopes
In long dry summer,
Then autumn, then winter

Leaving me alone
With nothing
But to wander away
A closeted world
Of bright splendour
To our time together

On expectation of a life
That could not be
Hoping, nurturing love
Never giving up
In impatient fervor
In eager anticipation

That there will be
A miracle
When we will wake up
To our plain togetherness
Shaking off scales
Of an inopportune dream.

Or a happenstance
Making us meet
To redo it all over
Or serendipity
Uniting us again
Like it always did.

 That buds will emerge
Packed with bloom
And finally
Spring will arrive
In a profusion of Petunia
Of Pansy, of Daffodil.

And it is but true
That separation never happened
That thawed love will melt
To frothy bubbling resilience
Like gushing streams
After numbing snow.
And here we will be
Together again.