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"Who are you?" "What do you want out of life?"  Powerful questions.  But how many of us can honestly answer them?  It may be irking and seem reasonable to try prove to others that we have it all figured out.

  I know, b/c I have been there. But one day I heard a voice in my spirit say, "Don't prove to them... let me prove to you."  So then it became more clear to me... that we have to take each day a step at a time. 

Follow your heart.  Get to know you and what you are looking to accomplish for that day. You will have a new appreciation for what surrounds you and the opportunities that are available if you just slow down. You never know what may be ahead of you.
to be continued…..


TOP: h&m
Skirt: ASOS
Shoe: Primark
necklace: opai