Name: Jamal Jackson
Age: 25
Country: New York City
Instagram: INSTAGRAM

You are well known for you creativity, how did style Society Blog come about?
I mostly started my blog because of Instagram. I started posting my 'OOTD' on Instagram and realized I needed a place to store them in case Instagram crashed; I would lose all my photos
Created a site just to throw those images up for backup in case anything happened. Soon enough people started giving feedback about the site that I did not promote at first it was like having a Flikr account to me. I finally started promoting it after a few fashion companies reached out to me wanting to collaborate. 

Have you always been this fashionable and how did you come about your own style?
Fashionable. Not really, I hated trends but stylish yes. My Dad was really into grooming and style; I hated it until I got old enough to understand it though. I realized how much effort it took and said NO. At my age it’s actually an effortless routine. 

 What was the major challenge when you started your blog?
Trying to differentiate your blog from other blogs 
Finding new and exciting content to create
Getting people to actually come to the site.

For how long have you blogged and what so far has changed about the industry, from the positive to the negative
Been blogging for almost 2 years ago. But before that I was in the publishing world. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of blogging?

Positive: People are starting to have their own voice and views about fashion rather than letting brands choose how they wear their clothes + style. 
Negative: Everyone has access to everything these days. Takes the fun out of what used to be ‘exclusive'

Your favorite piece from the trending fashion week 
Black and White printed suits (geometric craziness)!!

Your style Icon
My style is actually an imaginary character. Charles Bartholomew (Chuck Bass) from Gossip Girl, if you don’t know who he is look them up!

And favorite fashion piece and advice to bloggers following your steps
Be consistent - Days you’re posting, how many times you want to post
Be clear about your aesthetic even you’re just learning your aesthetic stay true to who you are as a person.
Ask questions! If you are not sure what paths to take ask someone that you admire in the blogging world.
Have fun! Blogging is about your creative outlet, even if you are critiquing a trend or something bring some positivity in what you say, nobody wants to hear negative points everyday.  

Fun Fact about you
I like playing and I get dressed using my socks as the focal point


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