6 September 2014

My Jacket Metaphor By Ikenna Okoro

I always wanted to boost my closet
Especially now that winter is coming
I never really got myself to go shopping
But today I bought a jacket

Okay I went shopping sometime ago
I spent hours looking for the right jacket
But none synced with my ego
So, I just put it off till winter’s onset

Most jackets did not match my personality
Some others were just plain ugly
Okay I admit some were too pricey
Last thing I wanted was to dress up sloppy

But today I bought a jacket
I guess I needed to be more patient
I checked better malls, designers, etcetera
The jacket commitment isn’t for a short era

 So I’m happy I was very patient

My jacket has just the right style
And buying it didn’t leave a huge dent on my pocket
Just look at how this jacket makes me smile

Jacket @Eight Seconds
Jeans: XYG



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