19 September 2014

The Mighty Oak Tree Started as an ACORN--Steven Onoja

as proposed earlier on the blog, Fridays would be feature fridays, picking my favourite bloggers to tell us more about their blogger career, kicking off this series is my favourite male blogger, Steven Onoja, who so much advice and gave more insight to why he has stood out in the blogosphere, and referring it to the Mighty Oak Tree starting off as an Acorn

Name: Steven Onoja
Age: 25
Country: Nigeria

Fashion Icon: Fela Kuti


When did you realize that fashion, style was what you wanted to pursue a career in: Basically, I never thought of becoming a fashion blogger, style as a career path I felt like it just happened and I am still in the process of defining myself. 

What will be your tale of the ups and down of pursuing a career in fashion: I stop over thinking and start taking action, leave my comfort zone and don't think proving people wrong make me right. Spending all your time trying to show off gives room for others to surpass you. Humility isn't strongest trait but i can tell you that dedication to being a follower before a leader will make you the greatest person you can be. Even the mighty oak tree started as an acorn.

Do you have an upcoming project, you working on: I will be working with Marcella Custom within the next couple weeks, It's all about custom made suit i am so excited about it.

What is life outside blogging and fashion: It's fun, playing football, hanging around with friends and have a good time. 

Men's fashion is usually tricky what is your counsel to men who are having difficult looking dapper: something about becoming well dressed or stylist is your ability to create, as a form of expression "Self expression". You have to learn to be yourself, break rules and never follow trends.

This are three simply principles
1.Know what you are doing
2.Love what you are doing
3.And believe in what you are doing
Around the world we have fashion weeks trending what's on your current wishlist: Black Monk Strap.

Best outfit choice and must haves for you: A Custom Suit.
If you haven't been in a career path that you obviously have passion for, what would you have done: I have no idea what I would have been doing.

What are the fun facts about you: I am a Painter.


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