so I failed to do the style advice corner on thursday, but today I want to give a little tip on the perfect eyeliner struggle
yes its a struggle, because we only get to see  makeup gurus with the best liners and then we have ours looking like a rough road edge 

but not too long I learnt a little secret i would want to share
eyeliners are very tricky and having the wrong liner, can be the root of this. I had this liner i got for 400 naira, and the brush didn't stay upto a week before it dismantled, which made me learn that buying cheap beauty product can be the beginning of your makeup failure

I didn't say getting very expensive ones are the solution either

so recently in the above picture, i got a casabella Liner from Tara for 1,400 naira, and boy it was perfection, would take pictures of it soon.

I most times don't advice people on the liquid liner, as it can ruin your makeup…its better you use the pencil liquid liner which gives you the ability to create the lines without smearing your face.

I hope you learnt a little from this, its a beginner series and i hope on improving from my write up to the picture quality...