as stated previously this will be the first blog post after my major big decision of making wednesdays "what I wore

I came across this poem and would have it in a mini-series considering how long it is 

They have all the new stuff; I do not care –
my imagination is consumed with a strand of hair…
Look around at all the stuff. “What good it is?” you ponder,
beyond self-ego gratification, impressing others, social stratification…
well, I have found the answer:

All those ‘things’ are merely places where imaginations are free to roam – and if you recall the most precious moments of all the things you ever had, you will find that they are all the same – the imaginings spawned… 

I know, some ‘things’ are important, and useful – for information, communication, shelter and mobility, but think of where your mind has been while pretending they were practical things – you guessed it – in imaginings – mostly on the future, but also how events could have been if you were in control…

 So next time you compare the cost of stuff, think –
does it really matter to the imagination
how much was spent on it?
And look at yourself with all your new things –
trying to show-off, to elicit envy,
to gain admiration and awe;
and note your frustration on those who ignore you
and let their imaginations roam free,
completely and deeply over the cheapest little things…