Un-Unified Church Cut Short Potentials of Young Dreamers__

 Meet Phrey Ogenyi, CEO IMBUE, a Gospel Magazine circulated in Nigeria and internationally, the brain behind Imbue top 20 on Kiss Fm, in Nigeria and his thoughts on the release of the Eight Issue HERE , challenges facing the rise of Gospel Magazine in Nigeria and why he thinks the unity of the church is crucial to improving the potential in our Young Dreamers.......


Tell us more about Imbue
Imbue Entertainment LLC is a Nigerian based media and publishing company that seeks to influence lives through value-driven, wholesome entertainment. It was founded in 2008 and has expanded to include radio programming (Imbue Top20 Hosted by I.B. on Kiss FM), TV programming (Da Music Room hosted by Paul Kolo, I.B. and Dj Ernesty), events and a vigorous online presence.

What inspired the creation of Imbue?
Imbue started, first as a thought / a desire to do “something more” for the Gospel music industry. I felt gospel artists did not really have platforms where they could excel being “Gospel” and so, very easily, a lot of young upcoming artists fell out. More so, young people who want to live a good-fun life and yet glorify God have no place to express it apart from the church.
What is your vision for Imbue?
One of my core visions of the dream is to make a lasting mark, to pose and play a preceding role in gospel infotainment industry; basically to make Jesus ‘Famous’.  I seek to surpass the level of perceived significance and perfection in entertainment, hereby creating an inviting environment for change geared towards the purpose of man which is worship.
What has the production experience been like this far?
I must confess it has been a learning but fun process! It brings great joy to make a difference and to impact people with the truth coated in fun.

What’s your take on the state of Christian Magazine production in the country?
In Nigeria, I can say its poor. I see publications start and end. The potentials of young ‘dreamers’ are usually cut short by the diverse entity of an un-unified church. Magazines are few. However, the growth in blogs and online resources is quite encouraging. The energy and impact of Christian magazine publications outside Nigeria are enormous though I see them face challenges too. Challenges are a common factor, we must surmount them.

What missing link do you think is needed for magazines such as yours to thrive?
First is the ‘God factor’ and doesn’t mean being lackadaisical about the project. Another problem is research: we hate to study despite it being a way to move forward. We don’t live long enough to make all possible mistakes.  Lastly, a missing link is to find new ways around barriers; understanding the times and seasons.

What is your audience expecting from the release of the 8th Edition of Imbue?
As the cover indicates, we’re embracing and show-casing people who’ve made a remarkable impact in the gospel industry with their unique sounds, properly making them household names in Nigeria and Loyiso Bala is the cutting-edge-guy. Lol. This issue also features great minds and voices like the awesome Kenny Kore, the beautiful Joan Paul, Royal Tailor, Jungle Fever, Flo Rocka, amongst others! Without doubt, you’ll find this a remarkable read and a good way to kick-start yourself if the year seems to be going by in a blur for you!
Another beautiful thing about this issue is the launch of our Issuu platform where lovers can read magazines on their mobile platforms and even download them for free. So it is cocktail of goodies.

Looking back from the First and now the 8th Edition what has been the major change?
A lot! Design has greatly improved and professionalism is on the rise. We have a higher reach, quality of print and experience! There’s being a whole lot of growth in the right areas.


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