writing about my beauty items, makes me feel like i'm talking about my choice of pant or bra, I mean its personal, but I could not resist the need to talk about these two.
so I go for this monthly event DMP and most times to shop, other times to come out of my shelf(I love my room). Last moth While attending same event, I was lured to buying the above fragrance, for N800 though, I chose the scent from the first time feel, didn't know what to expect afterwards.
glad to say its the best fragrance, i've stumbled on in a long time, the scent lingers so long you definitely have to feel good about yourself


This trinket, I bought for the love of all things vintage, I've wear it barely, because I think its such a beautiful wardrobe item. also bought at DMP for N1000.
for people wondering, the event holds every month in Abuja, City Park, first Saturday of every month, you might see me strutting by, don't forget to say Hi