Fashion, including what it stands for or is defined to be changes in a pace that even a writer cannot keep up with. But for all that it is and it gets to be, one would expect to see remnants of older styles or at least a progression of what used to be becoming what is and what is defining what is to be.
 Not in all cases however. Like a river without a source, a direction or even a flow of some sort; how can that still be referred to as a river.
 Picture the river, at the moment, dancing with pizzazz, swelling with currents and waves higher than you can imagine. Provocatively carrying everything in its wake, imposing, exposing, revealing, seducing, and yet when you look back the river possesses no signs of being what it is.
 And ahead, the waves falter losing class, style and finally break up in all directions bringing an end to the meaning that they once gave to fashion and as a result refusing to define a path for further flow.

 Flowing not with the current but like a flag; without a mind and thus a liking of its own changing direction with the wind. And when the wind is gone, it falls flat on its pole, like fashion does when style is gone.


  1. those shoes are to die for......they are lovely,,,i mean, i should learn how to walk with heels,good things are passing me by mehn

  2. Your shoess! They look like double strap monly shoes lol, sweet!

  3. Like fashion does when style is gone.... killer line. beautiful shoes...nice hair....plz check out my blog when u can and keep up the good work...


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