Hello Everyone, this month has been pretty exciting, in fact, the whole year, if you follow my IG page, you would have seen the post of me being a Style rep for WOODIN

 long story short, I was gifted some Items which included a 6 yard material which made me put a little bit of my talent to use

first of the launch of their store was on Saturday December 6th, and since I could not make it, I made this outfit overnight.. Phew!

sorry for the overbearing pictures, wanted to show three ways the top of the outfit could be worn, I hope you love it, waiting for your feedback xoxox.....


  1. Congrats girl, too bad you couldn't make the event though. It seems all the fun happens in Lagos. I love the dress styled with one strap, great job.
    Princess Audu

  2. You really are a talented young lady. This is such a beautiful versatile style. Im guessing you used elastic for the top area?

    1. Thanks Mide and yes, I did use elastic for the top

  3. Hello Grace Alex, we are totally in love with your style and we think you'll love our website! We have a lot of unique items and at very affordable prices. Right now sales are going on! on http://www.amelia-couture.com


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