Happy Sunday Fam, before I start off, am I the only one who has breakfast on Sundays as Brunch(breakfast and launch).

well came back from church today and as I was having breakfast, I decided to pen put up a post about my thoughts.
I think of our generation and how we have so much and yet so little knowledge and articulation, especially in Nigeria and I'm a guilty party to that.
we waste most of our thinking, planning and working periods doing things which are unnecessary, I must confess that i've been so laid back on work, reading among other things lately and I've been praying and watching videos to help boost my moral in those areas 
well, that is a bit of it, you know as they say not everyday picture blog post, sometimes something inspirational, I hope we take out time to shut ourselves from TV, social Media, unnecessary, time and discussion and also learn to pray so our parts will be illuminated. I've learnt to cut down on TV lately and its paying off, I still have a lot more to do...
so you can comment under what you think our generation can do better, I read through all the comments and I'm so appreciative of everyone's contribution
what I had for  breakfast a bread toast added veggies, my mums compulsory recipe and oh, I love tea

as mentioned earlier I'm improving my reading culture and about to start the new book seen below