The year 2014 brought trends that got the fashion community wowed, 2015 there are tendencies that these trends would go on to shape how style is perceived, so I did put together trends that would be seeing in 2015

Wide Fedora Hat; gosh i'm love this chic look, one would have mistaken you for a farm girl as of 2013, but I see this trend coming in a full force this yea 

to those feminist, something superior and yet comfortable about brogues 

mixed prints who would have thought, but thats the thing bout fashion, its an invention and the creativity behind it never looses taste 

I didn't know if I liked this style at the beggining but the culottes when styled well can be really classy  

 Printed skirts, they've been here for long just reinventing the mode style and pattern its being worn

vintage retro: the vintage look is back and I'm loving the twist, having a retro side and still not looking old 

Hope you liked my few picks, which is your favorite trend to see?


  1. Definitely agree with all this style. I just got another fedora hat today because they are literally everything!!! and I love the culottes. So so chic. And yes to african prints. xoxo

    jully// www.juelsengels.com

  2. Fedoras are my new best friends, I agree with all this style, they will sure make a come back.

  3. Love the fedora that has to be my favorite trend, love the who vintage look too.


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