Few of my favorite things

Hello fam, hope your weekend was great, weekends never cease to be enough, well wanted to share with you a few items in my rack that's become my favorite these past few months
My Green Court Heels
Asos open toe sandals 
And my flats
I barely wear them for snaps but will do soon 
Secret ( they were all thrifted) see you don't have to find amazing stuffs in high labelled stores 
Have a great week 
Passage Msg Bible Ephesians 2:7
"Now God has us where he wants us, with all the time in this world and the next to shower grace and kindness upon us inChrist  Jesus "
P.s thanks for the love, I appreciate and love each and everyone of you 


  1. Love the black sandals. xox


  2. Great thrift finds girl, I love the black sandals. Still can't believe they were all thrifted.
    Princess Audu

  3. amazing thrifts..i love the first court shoes alot. saw the glasses in your IG selfie.cool

  4. Where did you get them? They are super cute.

  5. the pointed heels is lovely

  6. Wow love the flats! Biko where do you thrift...show us the way 😩😍


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