hello Everyone, so I was asked by the beautiful .desireeiyama.com to work on a mini project                    "WE ARE ALL UNCOOL" its aim, to make each and everyone of us realize that we aren't all as perfect and the social media world is only a part of our lives and that we have others that aren't really shared.

so I decided to piece down seven of my not so cool side and you can follow the link above and see more of those who participated

1. I don't get my work done timely (I procrastinate, I did for this project)
2. I don't like my natural hair that much (thats why you don't see any post about it)
3. I backslide (whew God don't like ugly, working on this seriously)
4. I think a lot about things, most of which are beyond my control
5. I plan at the dying minute (not cool)
6. I wish, I could write well (I've problem with continuity)
7. there are more uncool things about me I probably won't say