having a beautiful outfit post, takes a lot of task, and most times if not planned ahead can be quite displeasing when the final execution is out.. so what I do is prepare is prepare layers, that make me not forget, its almost like a mood board, sometimes after all these you might just decide to remove or add a piece to the final look! and there you go this is my prep for any Outfit of the Day


  1. This is actually a great idea, I usually just play dress-up in my room and take pictures. Nicely put together outfits, I love the vintage inspired feel of them. Looking forward to seeing them on the blog. By the way where do you thrift, I plan on thrifting more when I get back.

    Princess Audu

  2. Hatsssss....I need to go get me some hats! The combinatios are all lovely! I should give this a try

  3. Send me one hat na please grace :(
    I also just play dress up like Sarah



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