Whenever I am having breakfast, my mind roams. I was actually thinking about how the word "Love" has gone down the drain, I feel I am not in the right position to talk about this, but then again , I'll add my two cents to the issue.
first seeing the kind of love Jesus has laid is an example that to fall in love is ok, he did love us even before we knew what His love was about.
I just want to say it is alright to fall in love, lately everyone has come up with reasons of who you should fall in love with and why. As much as i believe that everyone has their reasons to say what they say, I believe that we most times don't get to control who our heart feels for..
so my two cents to you is, fall in love, sometimes you might not have had a beautiful line to your love story, but it is ok to fall in love, again and again.
back to my food.
I just had everything my cousin offered me and I must say it was a wonderful meal 
Breakfast courtesy :my beautiful cousin  Nazo who is the best cook in the world.


  1. Beautiful words and that breakfast... Lemme just say "I'm hungry" haha! Looks so delicious :-)

  2. Yep Beauty and Love is in the eye and Heart of the Beholder ... now pass the plate! #teamhungry ;)

    Have a Great Day ... Food Hoarder :) he he


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