I didn't realize the power of my headline until two hours later when I was locked in my thoughts about a conversation I had with a friend, (I think a lot) and that person made the above remark!

 Its not surprising that at some point in our individual lives, words like this are resounded to our hearing and it almost becomes a chorus, especially if you've gotten to the age of accountability.

People naturally expect you to be superhuman at that point or at least, meet up to the expectations of the image of you they have in their head; in that image, failure isn't permitted, a slight slip from perfection almost isn't acceptable.

We've been put in this scale, by people we love most, from parents, to friends, close associates, work partners or lovers 

I just want to let you know that sometimes, its ok if we fall short! The best of us do. It’s ok if you don't get it right,  at first, that you slightly defy that status quo of perfection, guess what you're human like the rest of them and you can only try to be a better you.



  1. Well said Grace! Be yourself, accept that you are exactly who, you were meant to be! ;)

    Have a Stress Free Day! :D

  2. love the hair and the shoes :)

  3. Totally agree with you, we learn from our mistakes and falling means standing back up even stronger!!
    Love your outfit, you look gorgeous and you have a beautiful smile :)


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