17 June 2015


Hello Everyone, today I am taking time out to appreciate a reader of the blog Cheri Cherry. I don't reply most times the beautiful feedback I get from what I do but I read them all, so from time to time, I'll pick a reader and Write an open letter of appreciation to them.

Dear Cheri,

I want to say a big thank you for your kind words on the blog, you make me understand how little details of what I do on the blog, can be of uttermost importance to individuals out there, I read your lengthy contributions and the encouragement, when the words go like "I'm battling with". This letter is to tell you, you're appreciated and I love you..

Yours Faithfully 
Grace Alex.


  1. God works in mysterious ways ... we've heard that countless times right??? We have Witnessed it but still ... when it happens to you/us/me it's quite humbling. *feeling so embarrassed*

    Thank you Grace! :) You made my Day! :) Really you have no clue yesterday was ... well it was bad and I'll let it go. Girl, you're making me boo hoo *tears of Joy* :) If you only knew how Perfect your Timing is Seriously! Read the FB message in my inbox replied, then seen your comment to check the blog. Idk what to say ... just pick someone more Deserving next time!

    Thank you, Grace and May God Be With, Lead, Guide, Direct, Comfort, Heal and Mend, Bless, Protect, Provide for your Every Need and Keep you in His Loving Beautiful Hands for all of Eternity ... Love ya, Girl :)

    Thank you again my Beautiful Sweet Baby Sis Thank you :)

  2. This is very nice!!


  3. Cheri is the best!!!!!!
    Cheri for president sef.


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