14 June 2015


I really do not think there is anything the devil uses to keep us far behind Gods promise like procrastination. I do procrastinate a lot and I know that I would have achieved a lot if not for my consistent ways of shifting things until the next day. example is in my reading habit, I pick up a book give myself a target of three days and three weeks after I haven't covered as much as half the book, my blog suffers setback too on days like this.
So lately I've told myself to always do what I have to do when I have to do it, I start with small task like doing my devotion, getting out of bed and having my bath to get me ready for the day and I can tell you there has been lots of improvements... Write below, ways one can deal with procrastination. I do read all your comments and I appreciate the kind words often left 
My Breakfast
Kellogg's Cornflakes and its my best flakes since I discoverd it in 2012 before then I had Nasco and it doesn't taste as good as Kellogg's does, it will be good if we are told the process our meals have to go through before it gets to the final point.. don't you think so?



  1. Kellogg's tastes indeed delicious. I'm addicted to their flakes


  2. your breakfast looks good and I am sure very tasty :)

  3. Dude procrastination was my biggest issue in college. Great ideas for dealing with it. I tend to write a list of small tasks and put a deadline by it. Helps sometimes.

    Aniekeme for TFLA

  4. I'm Guilty too ... think it's more of a mental thing, b/c if I jump right into it I end up feeling Better. If not the longer something's put off the harder it seems to get done and it'll constantly be in the back of my mind ... even more worry some and tiring ...

    Thanks! Take Care and Have a Marvelous Day! :)


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