Hello fam, the thing I enjoy about blogging is that its never that serious, I mean especially for me, I really don't want to be overbearing about it and just have fun along the way. Todays photos are less static, I would wear this outfit to the movies, to shop or any other fun stuff, because its so laid back. In Nigeria when I see people walk into the movie theatre wearing heels, my first expression is like you're not on a runway or a red carpet but what do I know right?so what event do you think is appropriate for an outfit like this? and I remember the days when my blog pictures was restricted to this front door, thank God for friends who have time now to take my photos.. by the way hope your week is going on well, my prayers are with you all.. I'm wearing a boho-chic look which is from a thrift vintage store while the white top is from Forever21 and dazzling in an indian pose :D

PANTS/THRIFTED similar can be found on Jumia 
JACKET/Thrifted Vintage