Hello Everyone, am I the only one who is constantly obsessing about what the future holds, where i'll be from personal career to family and so on.. lately I go into this point where I'm almost thinking like my worry would have everything then, taken care of...truth is its not so ..
Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?
I know its really hard for us to just let everything go at the feet of Jesus, part of it comes with this rebellion that we can fix it on our own, but trust me it feels good to just obey and let God handle you present and future. funny thing is that he also helps erase the past so the future doesn't seem like a trespass ...
P.S reading the bloodies IVY 


  1. I thought i was the only, i'm constantly thinking of everything at every given time! It is well. You should contribute in my "Guest saturday"
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  2. I am also constantly worrying about everything especially the future! especially now that I'm older and less idealistic...I dunno I guess I also need to learn to let it go and trust in God!



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