Just as some of us had plans on putting the trend of the Dashiki behind us, there was a comeback, that had everyone yearning for this print that has been around for sometime now. I styled this same top HERE and HERE and decided to restyle, what are your thoughts about this trend making a comeback and click the links to tell me, which is your favorite


  1. You want to love you for who you are in terms of your motion and a person out sauna upon how I got it so you want you want visceral sacks but you don't want him the judge you Vibrant Skin for anything other than your theory of fluffy personnel so that’s kind of account one way I kind of look at this whole meal so I don't know I the way I see it is if you’re not.

  2. Love this look, I'm all for its comeback. Love the pop with the bag

  3. I need me one of them Dashiki 's so cool and I love the way you styled it too.


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