28 November 2015


I apologize for my long absence on my breakfast thought post! I won't lie, I've been so lazy to pen down my thoughts lately and I've had a whole lot of it.
 Today I’ll love to share my thoughts on “Forgiveness”. As Christians a major foundation in our relationship with Christ is forgiveness and that’s the only way we feel worthy of our relationship with him. Ever wondered the amazing peace you feel when you’ve said a little prayer of repentance and knowing that it bring a redeeming forgiveness and a continuous cordial relationship with God? I feel its same way with us humans, I mean in a world we live in where evil is thrown around like a piece of pie, it would do much good to just easily forgive and see the longest way it will go to saving, which I call “Miracles”
Its easy for Christians to believe in Miracles, but not the miracle that comes with forgiveness, event those to which much has been forgiven, feel it annoying that God can forgive the sin on their neighbor without him going through so many religious rituals… Miracles come in so many ways and forgiveness is one of them..

I can only imagine the feeling of the people Christ have told “go and Sin no more”.

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