Hello loves, for my Abuja people  there is this usual feeling that eating out is expensive and the inexpensive places just have this brash feelings. Well not so true, part of my new year goals is actually to eat out, I want to add a bit weight this year and I'l be sharing some of my favorite spots to get the best of your money from. I went out with Dami of Abuja Eats and Sandra to my favorite spot in Utako Kungfu Restaurant, since I found this place, its been really hard to eat anywhere else.. from their service to the ambience of the environment, its totally top notch..


The photos below are credited to ABUJA EATS

Their menu is divided into different segments based on the protein content. There are seafood options, beef , fish, pork, chicken. The options are so many, you could get confused. We’d leave the menu below so you guys can do the brainstorming before heading there and not have to face the 20-30 minute confusion while you’re there. Lol. 
It is important to note that it’s a Chinese restaurant so each meal not in the Nigerian food category is infused with Chinese flavors.
– Specialty beef , shrimp balls & fried rice N3,000
-Teriyaki chicken, shrimp balls & fried rice N2,800
-Peppery chicken, shrimp balls & fried rice N2,800
-Fish and Chips N1,800
-Shrimp balls with chips N2,800
-Shrimp spring rolls N1,500
-Fried Rice N1,200 
-Pineapple Chicken N1,300
-Fried Chicken with chips N1,600
-Peppery Chicken N1,300
– Teriyaki chicken and shrimp balls N1,800
-Fried Chicken N1,400 
Another section of the menu ; 

we also went to food city and had smoothie which was also nice..