Hello Loves,

Happy New Year, I know I’m three days late oh no four!! But it doesn’t matter, better late than never. So this year came with such a delightful feeling, I think part of it is associated with the fact that people are leaving behind the age long traditions of the New Year, new me attitude (not like its been a bad idea), but its been abused. With that said its not bad to actually draw new goals for oneself.. I for one have done so and part of it is to take things more seriously. Like I can be so childish sometimes, I forget I’m a grown woman (raise your hands if you feel that way too)..

Another issue, is talking about real life events here and not just throw pictures to your faces and be like blahh…..might do that once in a while though (*giggles*). I also want to take time out to reply feedback comments dropped below, I do read them and appreciate and finally I would ask what would you want to see more on the blog this year? I started by changing my theme and what do you think of it? Also going to give some advice to bloggers who want to start off their own blog was tagged by a fellow blogger HERE

So to my outfit, it was thrifted!! Oh yes, I plan to thrift more this year but a more conscious budget basis, this black gown is all sorts of fierce and I was convinced to get it by MIDE when she came visiting, and I’m glad I did..