8 January 2016


So I was tagged HERE for tips I’ll love to share about starting ones own blog. Truth be told I’m not a pro and still a baby in this journey but I’ll just put out there what I’ve learnt in my own journey and hope it helps, I really do hope others can comment below on what their thoughts are and contribute their own tidbits 

Decide fully on what you want your blog to be about and what will host it: its important your goals are streamlined, that way you wont be overwhelmed with what you think you should do and not because everyone is into it. its also imperative that you choose a name that hasn't been used before and a name relatable to what you do. There are so many host to blogs now from blogger, to wordpress etc.

Get a reliable means of communicating: A tablet, phone laptop can help you work on your blog projects.

Create time: most people don’t realize that blogging is time consuming and one has to make out time to create content.

Have supporters who are willing to share information on your page to make others aware: because of the influx of bloggers over the years, its quite difficult for someone starting out to get to be known as fast, but it will be easier if there are a number of people sharing your content over a period of time, to create awareness.

Great Content: without meaningful content it wont be long before people begin to loose interest in what you have to get across

Have an active Social media Platform: its important for people on other social media platforms like, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, to know you run a blog, by sharing your content on these sites, they automatically translate to views and some become subscribers.

Get an interactive template: nobody wants to go to a blog where it is difficult to navigate and find his or her way through any information, so its important that an interactive surface is made for your viewers.

Take good pictures: the eyes loves what it loves and part of what the eye loves, is clarity. Blurry pictures are a turn off or pictures without great pixel quality don’t make a blog look good. So invest in a good phone camera or a real one and tadaaa….I for one use a Canon 600D and my iPhone for my pictures.

Collaborate with bloggers: Collaboration opens up the space for subscibers to view your creative work with others and also allow an audience you might not have gotten to, get a view of your work.

Be Patient: this is a virtue really needed, because trust me you will not blow at once. Its important to learn contentment at an early beginning so being patient with your journey is important and also believing that God who put you through that part wont leave you.

Take time out: it’s important to take time out; it gives you opportunity to schedule blog post and also give you insight on what next level to take your blog to. 

On a side not get a blog planner..


  1. Being consistent and patient is think is the most important. Like you said, you not going to blow easily but it takes dedication and patience to do so.

    Simply Uneeke

  2. I really needed this, thank u so much.

  3. No words for how much i need this....xxx


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  5. Important @take time and collaboration

  6. Useful information thank you very much.


  7. I learnt alot from this ; www.lifeofmommo.wordpress.com

  8. I love how concise this is.

  9. Oh my God Grace you are a godsend for me. I really needed to read this as I just started my blog and would be putting up my first blogpost on Sunday! Thank you for being a light and making everything so simple.


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