Hello loves; today I’m going to be sharing one of my favorite looks. Y’all already know that I go all ham on shorts, (I do love shorts on another level). So if you went to a university like mine, where outfits like this one makes you an outlaw, then you might just want to recreate this look at home. That being said, the season right now just gives less room for an overall and after styling this look, it made me just feel like it was a campus lifestyle kind of outfit, especially if it’s a Saturday and you plan on taking a walk or going to your favorite hangout spot. What do you think, would your school allow you rock this? And what other event is this outfit appropriate for?


Sandals: gafasandals
Shorts: Nkay couture
Jacket: Thrifted
Tote bag: Jumia Fashion


  1. You look super cute in those shorts! X

  2. you make shorts look good girl

  3. Really like your shorts..the colour suits you well.

  4. The shorts are gorgeous and well Ermm before I graduated, you could wear this shorts to school esp my faculty ( Arts) you know we are the coolest kids in school lol.

    1. haha we weren't allowed to oh, sure you guys must have been really cool

  5. Girl, my school allowed these kind of outfits but to restricted locations tho..... but girl even at that the gawking (ugh!) would make you not to ever consider it again.
    I think it's also the perfect outfit for the movies and hangouts with close buds. Definitely simple and chic, Grace.
    I Love it!

    BeautifullyJune Blog 

  6. You look so amazing. I love the look.

  7. You're so full of life, look your outfit !

  8. I love your shorts. Can't wait for summer to rock shorts. The denim look is my fav.

  9. This is just my style! I also love shorts. They are my casual go-to-outfit choice.

  10. I love the first set of pictures. You look so fresh. And your photos are very clean and sharp. What app do you use for editing?


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