Hello everyone, thanks for the birthday wishes, Y'all are the best. Valentines is already days away and well if you’re single this is one of the dreaded moments or well not really, to me when you really get into a relationship, you will miss the single days of going to bed with a light heart. Ok let me get to the point, I’m sharing ways to enjoy your valentine as a single person and you have the opportunity to write down below how you plan to spend yours.

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1.     Show Love: for the sake of the season, it will be great to show love to someone else and it doesn’t have to be someone you’re romantically attached to (what am I even saying you’re supposed to be single right?). Choose an orphanage, your street kids, family or squad to show love to, it will surprise you how good you will feel afterwards.

 2.     Don’t think about failed relationships: This is kind of difficult as everyone has their significant order with them or has an update about what love was shown them, but try as much as possible to distract yourself with a chore or something that can distract you. E.g. read, play game, watch movie, eat your favorite meal (food always work).

2.     Invite other single friends over: hehe you’re not in this alone with this struggle to finding bae and you have to realize that other single people can make you feel better about your singleness.. y’all can go out for a picnic, choose an engaging topic to discuss or play matchmaking (you can sure find bae on valentines day).

1.     Watch a Rom-Com: watching a romantic comedy can also brighten your day, it lessons, it makes you feel less depressed about not being loved and also gives you hope of being loved again.

2.     Sleep: since I’ve been single for most of my adult conscious life, sleep has been my favorite thing to do on valentines day, I sleep through it all, sleep has a way of making you feel everything is alright don’t be awake and thinking of the what if’s and buts.

3.     Realize Jesus Loves you: There is nothing more satisfying than realizing the depth of Gods love for you and I also love you…

What tips do you recommend?