Hello loves, spring has sprung and ushering in the festival periods, one of the ongoing ones is the #gidicultural festival and the upcoming #coachella festival amongst many others.. now I'm itchy to share some outfit ideas and how to glam up for a cultural festival.

1) Festivals are all about the fun: No need of a corporate, look even though you're used to an uptight everyday wear, you have to go all out for a simple edgy look.

2) Wear lats: Festivals are a time to dance and have fun so flats sandals are always a great idea.

3) Have a flower themed look: Since its spring and its time for the color splash, you can decorate yourself with flowers to give a more edgy look.

4) Wear a free flirty outfit: I didn't say exposing oh, I said flirty, that is fun enough to have people wanting for more and conservative enough to let you be free...

What are your tips to a fun fit festival look?

pants: jumia 
top: nkay couture