Hello loves, today I really just want to talk about whats been on my mind for a while and it is about
"Love". A favorite song writer, singer, comedian of mine passed away earlier this week and in conditions that could well be avoidable and it got me thinking about the world we live in today where we are currently so self absorbed that the life of another person barely interest us... This is one of the main reasons Christ died for us, he was a first example of love towards us even when he was unsure of our love towards him. He reached out and gave us his son, which makes giving a really important quality. we can give time, financial gift, visiting gifts, forgiving gift and a lot more. I hope you call that one person today or reach out to that neighbor or say a kind word to someone, you might just  be saving a life...

styled my favorite vintage skirt with an Nkay Couture blouse.. what kind of love do you think you can give?


  1. Great Message Grace, you're Intelligent beyond your years ...
    This a Fabulous Look on you ...
    Wishing you a Blessed Easter Love ya my Beautiful Sis (inside and out) :)


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