ME and Cindramoy
 Me and MIMI
Last weekend in Abuja, a front row fashion event was held to celebrate the store opening of Shop365 in Abuja...

Events aren't held in Abuja most times because of the reluctant attitude of the people in this city, everyone likes to keep to themselves, but surprisingly this event had a lot of people show up, although a lot has to be improved in terms of organization, i'll still give them a pass for efforts put in place... got to meet some lovely faces and had long laughs and conversations... what are your thoughts about my outfit? and you can view more about the event

TOP: Wanger Ayu
Shoe: Reneesignature
Jumper: Thrift
Makeup: Beauts_Beats
 Cindramoy and Ekpo

 Me and Ify
 Me and Ekpo
 Xamani, Richard, Cindramoy