Hello loves, it’s taken months since the last lifestyle post and I am so excited about todays post. Let me start by saying that healthy Godly relationships are really essential in ones personal growth and I don’t joke with my circle of friends. During the weekend I had brunch with amazing women from the i-Vow group, which I am a part of pushing and striving to be a positive influence in what they do using Gods help and we sure did have a lot of things to talk about and especially about relationships… (What’s a girls gathering without that sort of chat *winks*) check out the website HERE

We had lunch at Le Beaux Xcape in Abuja located at Victoria falls Wuse 2… the ambience was welcoming and the chefs and those who served where nice, the meal was awesome and in General I had a good time, y’all have to check them out…


  1. Love your dress! All the pictures look good - even though you didny take it with a camera.

  2. Amazing! Friendships like these come once in a lifetime x
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

  3. thanks @cassie when your phone becomes handy @feyi yes love they do

  4. Amazing post, your dress is so appealing so just putting it out there I'm copping this style 😻


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