Lately I've been getting this annoying vibe about my blog, (the devil playing mind tricks) and thinking my post isn’t diverse enough.
Oh well, so I decided to work on a mini Do It Yourself (DIY) project that took me 30 minutes. Its summer so the taste for bright colors and simple outfits pieces is on the increase so I'll try to do a bit of explanation...

What you need; a sewing machine, pair of scissors, a measuring tape 
Fid a mid line between any of your gowns, then lay it out, and cut to your taste or how you want the top to turn out.

Take the bottom part, measure from your belly button to your crotch area  and add an extra inch, then from the end give a slight cut to partition to the area marked for your crotch.

Follow the lines and sew through from behind, and take the top and do the finishing and you have your summer outfit ready…

Sorry for the lack of detailed shot, but this outfit was made between 4:00am -4:30 Am and a before and after post would be up soonest

 What do you think, and what’s in your summer wishlist