Hello loves remember when I shared a story of my time at the bloggers brunch HERE in my goody bag there where gift items, which included some beauty products, that I'm currently in love with and guess what they're made in Nigeria. The above picture is a black gold soap (which I didn't realize till i went on their page to know what its about)
I'm still figuring out what the eye mask is used for, can someone help me out here? I've just love starring at this product because of the jelly gold look
This body spray is magic and just refreshing, although for a long time i've avoided fragrance and just stick to perfumes, this Aqua fresh product became a game changer
I'm a fan of L.A girl eyeliner is bae cos it doesn't smudge out so much and this castor oil is a must for anyone with Natural hair (I do have a natural kinky hair)

you can check them out on their IG handles and let me know if your familiar with any of this product and what you think about them