I was about to do a regular blog post on color blocking when I saw a message on me giving tips to Identifying ones style, so I decided I’ll just talk about it on this post instead. So keep giving me feedbacks on what you will love to see and I will try to talk about it.
Finding ones own style isn’t immediate, especially for beginners, have you noticed that even celebrities try their luck on so different ideas until they come up with what they’re comfortable with then they settle with that (Beyoncé, Rihanna, Alicia keys, Solange  etc)
So here are a few tips that would help and you can comment below and let me know what you think

Know What Colors work for you: it will surprise you to know how colors can actually influence your style, I started my style earlier wearing color block items, like pictures in this post, then it went to Ankara, and now to my vintage and more laid back colors like black, brown, white etc

Don’t dress to Impress: A lot of people make that mistake, your style isn’t about someone else, you wear what you’re comfortable in and not what you think someone will be comfortable seeing you wear, and at the end of the day you feel a mess.

Switch your style up sometimes: I do that a lot, I’m quite unpredictable with my style and when you think this is what I would wear I switch it up a bit and then start to explore that area of style and find out it actually suits me.

Get outfit ideas from people with your body physique: A lot of times this works for me, I just look up people who have same body size as me and see if what works for them works for me or I follow bloggers who are creative enough to style pieces I would never have given a second thought.

Get creative: Get a mood board and think about ways to carve out your own style space. Fashion is about creativity and not money and with this few tips you’re on to a good start…